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    Andrea Caldarelli is again set to fight the 2017 SUPER GT with LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S!


    Andrea Caldarelli will again make entry in the 2017 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series with LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S under the direction of Juichi Wakisaka and in a pair with Kazuya Oshima. By now these two are known as the perfect duo!

    For Andrea, this marks the 2nd year working in this team.

    Putting a new machine, “WAKO’S 4CR LC500” under his belt, Andrea with his team and teammate together will work towards getting the Series Champion title which they missed grabbing last year though being incredibly close to winning.



    Andrea Caldarelli

    “For me this is my 10th year joining the TOYOTA Family. I am proud and would like to look back and convey my sincere thanks for these achievement(s), as also moving on towards the new season. Testing with the new machine was started already and we are now working hard to establish the best conditions.Not only that, but this makes us quite anxious to see even more development inside of this new season, I’m pleased to be with the team and teammate whom I have trusting relationship with, and to be able to compete in the SUPER GT with such a team. Please provide your warm support and large cheers to us of LEXUS TEAM LEMAN’S WAKO’S (Car #6)!”


    Photos by Y. Onishi

    Andre Couto to drive with the glorious #0 in 2016 SUPER GT Series – eyes set on two consecutive title winning!


    COU TOMAndre Couto, the 2015 SUPER GT champion (GT300 class), will continue his stride with GAINER TANAX GT-R in the coming new season. Paired with Ryuichiro Tomita, one of his trusted teammates also from last year, the veteran Portuguese driver is determined to deliver strong races again throughout the 8 rounds of the Series with NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3 under his belt.


    Andre Couto:

    “Given the privilege, the chance to work with this team again my only target would be to win our second consecutive title! We have an excellent package with NISSAN GT-R and DUNLOP tyres matching perfectly, also the fantastic teamwork here is certainly our strength. Please give us your warm support again throughout the year!”



    TEAM –  GAINER TANAX GT-R (Car #0)
    Main Sponsor: TANAX

    Team Principal/Team Director: Kazumi Fujii

    General Director: Tetsuya Tanaka

    Chief Engineer: Naoto Takahata

    Chief Mechanic: Naotoshi Ishikura

    Maintenance: Gainer Co., Ltd.


    Tyres: DUNLOP

    Engine Tuner: NISMO

    Oil: WAKO’S


    Andrea Caldarelli revs up for the 2016 SUPER GT Series with LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S


    DUOWith two time pole-to-win victories in the SUPER GT Series of 2015, Andrea Caldarelli (from Pescara, Italy – Age 25) now comes upon his 6th year racing in Japan, and sets to seeking a whole new set of challenges through the eight rounds scheduled in this Series. Andrea has recently signed with the prestigious Team LeMans, and will unite forces with his new Japanese teammate Kazuya Oshima (Age 28). After some more winter tests and preparation, the pair should be ready for the season’s first round (at Okayama International Circuit), which is to be held over the weekend of April 9th – 10th.



    Andrea Caldarelli:

    “I have driven before with TEAM LEMANS in the SUPER FORMULA, and have deep trust for Kenji-san (Kenji Yamada / Engineer). I’m also very confident about working with my teammate Kazuya (Oshima), so I’m really looking forward to this new season! And more than anything, the presence of our Team Director, Wakisaka-san is encouraging – it means a lot to us drivers. With the team as one, we will focus on giving our best through the entire season. And to our kind supporters, please give your cheers for car No. 6 dressed in bright WAKO’S colors! We are counting on your grand support!!”





    Machine:  WAKO’S 4CR RC F

    Team Director: Juichi Wakisaka

    Chief Engineer:  Kenji Yamada

    Chief Mechanic:  Norihisa Aoki

    Main Sponsor:  WAKO CHEMICAL, LTD.

    Maker:  LEXUS (Toyota Motor Corporation)







    The 2015 season will provide another stage for A. Caldarelli to aim at winning the championships in both SUPER GT and SUPER FORMULA,  A. Couto will also be targeting the same in the SUPER GT!


    15gt130-CAL515gt130-start6GRM driver, Andrea Caldarelli (Italy) who finished the past season of 2014 SUPER GT Series (the GT500 class) placing 2nd in the Series Ranking will continue to work with the famous LEXUS TEAM KeePer TOM’S (No. 37, Bridgestone tyres) in the coming season. Together with the new teammate Ryo Hirakawa (Hiroshima), these two young drivers are sure to draw great attention as well as very high expectations from everyone.


    Apart from his continued SUPER GT challenges, this talented Italian driver will also compete in the SUPER FORMULA championship on a full-season basis this year, with one of the top teams, Lenovo TEAM IMPUL. As everyone may recall, last year Andrea amazed everybody by winning a pole position or podium finishes even on spot-entries in this series. Based on such brilliant performances, this talented Italian behind the wheels of LENOVO TEAM IMPUL SF14 (No. 20) will be joined by an expert Brazilian driver Joao Paolo Oliveira (No. 19). The highly aspired duo now revs up ready to fight through all 7 rounds of the SUPER FORMULA series with the strongest package.


    In the fourth year of his career in the Japanese series, Andrea Caldarelli will focus on winning the champion’s title in these series, backed up by some of the best auspices, while the rest of us cannot wait to see Andrea make a further leap and progress in both of these categories.



    “I am honored to join the Japanese race-fields again this year.


    Last year, I had to miss the SUPER GT drivers champion title by just two points. Nevertheless, I will push hard with my new teammate Ryo (Ryo Hirakawa) and bring LEXUS TEAM KEEPER TOM’S to finally winning the title. Meanwhile, I will continue to thank LEXUS and TOM’S Chairman Mr. Tachi as always for allowing me with this stage, and promise that I will give my best to live up to any expectations.


    Also in the new season, my other dream has come true, which is taking part in the SUPER FORMULA, fulltime. Joining this top formula racing with a permanent status the season through has been my one target so I am truly glad to have been chosen to work as an IMPUL driver. I am sincerely grateful to IMPUL and TOYOTA for this great opportunity.

    Furthermore, to be given the chance to join Mr. Hoshino and his prestigious team IMPUL is a true honor. I now look forward to testing as soon as we can, and fight through the rounds as giving 120 percent of my power to have another strong season, and hopefully win the champion’s title!”



    15gt130-COU2Now, Andre Couto (Portugal) will charge on forward again this year with the SUPER GT 300 class champion team of last season, GAINER. In this unquestionably strong team GAINER, the veteran Portuguese driver who has fought in the Japanese categories for a good stretch of time already will empower Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (No. 10, Dunlop tyres), fight through the 2015 season.

    On a new machine in the GT3 category, which has been drawing much attention from all around the world, how would our trusted driver Andre Couto manage and go for winning the title? Everyone is excited to see the many spectacles Andre is sure to bring on!


    Andre COUTO

    “As one member in this very professional team, also driving this very competitive GT 3 through the 8 rounds of the series will definitely be a big challenge and an excitement for me. I would like to show the Japanese supporters, – the world’s hottest race fans, – the best actions I could ever deliver, so please continue to support me and my team!”



    Oliver Jarvis (GB)Now, Oliver Jarvis (United Kingdom) who took part in the SUPER GT last year with LEXUS TEAM SARD (No. 39) has been chosen to drive as the regular driver for Audi Sports Team Joest in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) of 2015, driving R18 e-tron quattro on a full entry basis. As Jarvis will replace Tom Kristensen who retired from the actions, he is entrusted with these important task and responsibilities but in exchange for that, he must be away from the Japanese races this year. But let us continue to cheer and extend our warm support to the GRM driver aiming for the world champion title.


    Oliver Jarvis

    “At the point of last November when finishing off the last round of the SUPER GT, my mind was already set on competing in the SUPER GT races also for 2015. However, suddenly Audi offered me the chance to compete in WEC races full-season, and due to butting of race schedules of the two categories, I could not stay with the SUPER GTseries this year. While I am happy to be given this huge chance to challenge the world championship, to part from Japan even for a while has been a difficult choice to make, of course. I will continue to support and watch SUPER GT closely, as it is truly a tough and exciting category representing this country!”     


    Photos by M. Hirata, T. Moriyama, Audi


    Andrea Caldarelli and Oliver Jarvis will both be present in the SUPER GT Series of 2014 driving the LEXUS RC F


    PresentThe Motorsports division of Toyota Motor Corporation recently organized an official press conference and announced their worldwide action plans schemed for the coming race season of 2014.

    RC FThe entry by our two drivers of Global Racing Management, Ltd. (GRM) was also formally announced.









    AC伊藤Andrea Caldarelli, the young and mighty Italian driver will continue his stride with LEXUS TEAM KeePer TOM’S in the SUPER GT (GT500 class) as in the previous years. Together with Daisuke Ito, his very trusted teammate, Andrea will aim at winning the championship behind the wheels of the new No. 37 “KeePer TOM’S RC F”.




    “I am really happy to continue in the SUPER GT Series of 2014 with Lexus Racing and with a top team such as TOM’S. I would like to thank all the team, LEXUS TEAM KeePer TOM’S for their support and TRD to give me the opportunity to stay in the Toyota family.

    This year we have many changes compared to last year and also we have a completely new car, the “RC F”.  However we already have the experience of working together in 2013, so I am really confident to do a good job. I am now looking forward to driving the new machine! 





    OJ石浦宏明Oliver Jarvis(GB) who has newly signed the management contract with GRM, is back to drive the Japanese circuits again in the SUPER GT Series and also with LEXUS TEAM SARD, No. 39 “DENSO KOBELCO RC F”.  Joined by Hiroaki Ishiura with whom he has worked together in the F3 days, this team of the two strong drivers should draw a huge amount of attention as the “perfect combination” in this series, just as well.




     “I am delighted that Toyota and Team SARD have given me the opportunity to race in SUPER GT this year, ever since racing in Japan in 2007 it has been my intention to return and race in what I consider to be one of the best Championships in the World. With the introduction of the new cars it felt like a perfect time to come back and I am extremely grateful to Team SARD for putting their faith in me. I can’t wait to team up again with my old team mate Ishiura San and I hope that we can prove to be a strong combination from the very start.”



    The 2014 SUPER GT series will first meet for official testing during March 15-16 (in Okayama), before opening the season on April 5th and the 6th for the 1st Round (Okayama). 



    Andrea Caldarelli makes spot entries in 2013 SUPER FORMULA!

    This year, TOYOTA Driver, Andrea Caldarelli will be making spot entries in the 2013 Japanese Championship SUPER FORMULA Series (the former Formula NIPPON) season as well, in the 1st and the 7th rounds of this series (both rounds happen to be at Suzuka Circuit) driving for TEAM KYGNUS SUNOCO (Car No.8).It is for substituting Loic Duval, the former GRM driver who has to be absent from these two events due to his participation in other races. The young and progressive Italian driver has been chosen to cover for Loic this time, particularly in the two crucial rounds of the series – the opening and the final. Hence, from Andrea Caldarelli who was absent from any formula races last year, let us expect to see how he may go about tackling these challenges, just as well!

    “I’m glad that TOYOTA and TEAM KYGNUS SUNOCO choose me. I’m very happy to work with this team, who scored important results in Formula NIPPON in the past, and for sure will be the same in the new SUPER FORMULA contest. Suzuka is a fantastic track where I scored the podium last year in SUPER GT Suzuka 1000 km, and I hope gain a good result also with an open wheel.”

    2013 SUPER FORMULA will start its actions with first the official test sessions taking place during March 4-5th (in Suzuka) and also on March 20th-21st (in Fuji), and following them will officially commence its season with the first round taking place at Suzuka Circuit on April 13th and the 14th.

    Through GRM Official facebook, all the highlights from actions at each circuit and close-up on our GRM drivers are featured on a timely basis.

    GRM drivers now rev up, ready to go with the 2013 season!

    Andre Couto (Portugal) who reminded us all of his true caliber and magnificent skills through the brilliant performances he exhibited last year such as pole position getting and podium finishes, will continue his stride with WedsSport ADVAN SC430 (No. 19) for all eight rounds of the SUPER GT (GT500 Class) in 2013. And with LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH led by director Masataka Bandoh, Andre Couto will now and ever more fight enthusiastically at capturing the series champion title; again and together with his trusted teammate, Seiji Ara, who continues to aim and share the same goals as Andre.

    Also as in the previous year, Andrea Caldarelli (Italy) in his second season fighting in the SUPER GT series and again in the GT500 Class, will be united with veteran driver Daisuke Ito to drive with LEXUS TEAM KeePer TOM’S, which is one of the long-established, prestigious teams. Having these drivers in duo and also backed up by the years of experience, KeePer TOM’S SC430 (No. 37) under the conduct of director Masanori Sekiya, shall progress further as bringing on some real racing actions to the circuits. In the meantime, between his race schedules in Japan, Andrea will continue to go on with his work and good collaborations with TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) in Germany, cooperating in the simulator sessions undertaken by this company.

    The SUPER GT series will first meet for official testing during March 16-17 (in Okayama), before opening the 2013 season on April 6th and the 7th for the 1st Round (Okayama).

    Through GRM Official facebook, all the highlights from actions at each circuit and close-up on our GRM drivers are featured on a timely basis.

    Two GRM drivers, Andre Couto and Andrea Caldarelli will both be present in the 2012 SUPER GT series (GT500 Class) with LEXUS!

    Veteran driver Andre Couto who has been participating actively in the SUPER GT series since 2004 will join LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH this year as uniting forces with Seiji Ara, and drive the WedsSport ADVAN SC430 (Car No. 19).
    This team which used to run in the GT300 class moved up to GT500 from last year and placed 3rd on the podium already in Round 2 (Fuji) of the season, proving its high potential from the very start. And even just for this reason alone, Andre Couto’s motivation is greatly aroused early on from the off-season months.

    “I am happy to join LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH which will also allow me to continue being a member of the LEXUS force. Together with the team, I’m now very excited and aspired to try bringing on a good season for everybody. I’m also looking forward to the new challenges of working with Yokohama tyres, and can hardly wait for the season’s opening round (March 31-April 1 OKAYAMA). Together with team director Mr. Bandoh and with Seiji, let’s be sure to bind our strengths and do our best in each round, always aiming at victory. And as we do so, please give us your warm cheer and support!”

    Andrea Caldarelli is making his SUPER GT debut this season with LEXUS TEAM KeePer Kraft driving LEXUS KeePer SC430 (Car No. 35) where Yuji Kunimoto will join Andrea as his teammate. Directed by Akira Iida, all will see how the young gun of this team will battle with the veteran drivers, which is already drawing much attention from everyone looking to follow closely what may turn out from the new season.

    “I am indeed honored and happy to become a member of TOYOTA and LEXUS TEAM KeePer Kraft. This will be my first participation in the SUPER GT, which also means a big challenge racing on closed-wheels for my first time. LEXUS is one of the most competitive cars in the SUPER GT series. The outcome of each race could vary greatly by the tyres and drivers’ performance too, so during the coming tests I will work hard at adapting to the machine and the tyres, and then in the races really give my best! I am sincerely grateful to TOYOTA for giving me the chance to enter the SUPER GT series, as well as the great opportunity I’m given to also take part in the WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) as TOYOTA Racing Junior Driver.”

    Andrea Caldarelli has been awarded from the Italian motorsports council!
    On this past February 3 in Modena (Italy), an award ceremony of the CSAI (Commissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana) was held and there Andrea Caldarelli received a special award for being selected by the FIA as a member of the Institute of Young Driver Excellence Academy, the first Italian ever to gain such an honor and prestige.

    Photos by T.Moriyama, M.Hirata

    GRM and Andrea Caldarelli are ready for a new challenge

    Global Racing Management (GRM) and Italy’s rising-star driver Andrea Caldarelli (age 21) have recently signed an agreement that will entrust GRM to back-up, support the very talented driver Caldarelli through his racing activities of the coming season.

    Andrea Caldarelli was born on February 14, 1990 in the town of Pescara located on the Adriatic seacoast of Italy. With the influence of his father who used to be a GT driver, Andrea started racing karts at the age of 9, then at 15 shifted over to driving formula machines. In 2007, the young Italian racing driver was chosen to become a member of Toyota Development Program (TDP), then eventually went on to competing in the Formula Renault 2.0, and in 2009 up farther to the F3 European Championship (placed 3rd in the Series standings). Before long, Andrea had an opportunity to experience test-driving for TOYOTA F1 (Panasonic TOYOTA Racing), just at the age of 19. In the following year Andrea drove in the Italian Championship F3 (placed 3rd in the Series), where his fine performances impressed Ferrari who then offered him a chance to test with Scuderia Ferrari F1. Among all the young talents there trying out, Andrea Caldarelli marked the top time proving his truly high potentials.

    In 2011, the hopeful Italian driver entered the All-Japan Formula NIPPON Series (with Kondo Racing) of Japan and opened another new page in his career of racing activities. In November of the same year Andrea started participating in the “Young Driver Excellence Academy” run by the FIA as he was selected in the world’s 18 finalists admitted to this 1-year program, and where he is currently attending workshops to overcome hard training and build up those qualities asked of professional drivers ? strong spirit, techniques and physical conditions.

    Year of 2012 will bring more challenges upon Andrea, one of which activities will be the FIA’s new series starting from this year, the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC, in short) where Andrea will be participating as the “Junior Driver” of TOYOTA Racing. With involvement as a member in a professional team, he is likely to learn much about the world of endurance racing from the regular drivers as well. Thus, chalking up a range of experiences Andrea Caldarelli shall broaden knowledge and aim at elevating the racing skills, bring forth his caliber to an even higher degree.

    (TOYOTA Racing Press release)

    Andre Couto is set to race with KRAFT Racing in 2011 SUPER GT series!

    The SUPER GT has continued to grow until today it is recognized as the “world’s prime touring car race”, which Japan can be very proud of. Andre Couto has been present throughout many of this series’ exciting race scenes and actions over the years since 2004, and this season he is onto making entry with LEXUS TEAM KRAFT.

    LEXUS TEAM KRAFT is known for many of its glorious achievements throughout the past, such as that fantastic pole-to-win victory in the 3rd round (Fuji Speedway) of last season. Inviting Akira Iida to serve as their new director, the team has chosen two strong drivers to fight through the coming new season. Juichi Wakisaka, one of the distinguished drivers representing Japan with also abundant experiences as a champion, together with Macau-hero Andre Couto will hit their strides this year, all determined to drive KRAFT Racing ultimately to winning the series champion title!

    The two drivers will take the steer of D’STATION KeePer SC430, car No. 35, the machine which Toyota has pumped in all the best technologies with all the dignity. There is no doubt that Toyota Techno Kraft (TRD)-tuned engine, in combination with the Bridgestone tyres, will stir up dynamic battles on the tracks thrilling many race fans and spectators waiting to see some great actions.

    “I am greatly honored to continue racing as a LEXUS driver in the SUPER GT series. I can’t wait for the first round and the season to open, as we are able to race with the best package, matured in all aspects. We will certainly give our maximum, do whatever we can to accomplish our target to win the “Series Champion”, and while we do so, we count on your grand support for LEXUS TEAM KRAFT all throughout the year!”