Press Release

Andrea Caldarelli is again set to fight the 2017 SUPER GT with LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S!


Andrea Caldarelli will again make entry in the 2017 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Series with LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S under the direction of Juichi Wakisaka and in a pair with Kazuya Oshima. By now these two are known as the perfect duo!

For Andrea, this marks the 2nd year working in this team.

Putting a new machine, “WAKO’S 4CR LC500” under his belt, Andrea with his team and teammate together will work towards getting the Series Champion title which they missed grabbing last year though being incredibly close to winning.



Andrea Caldarelli

“For me this is my 10th year joining the TOYOTA Family. I am proud and would like to look back and convey my sincere thanks for these achievement(s), as also moving on towards the new season. Testing with the new machine was started already and we are now working hard to establish the best conditions.Not only that, but this makes us quite anxious to see even more development inside of this new season, I’m pleased to be with the team and teammate whom I have trusting relationship with, and to be able to compete in the SUPER GT with such a team. Please provide your warm support and large cheers to us of LEXUS TEAM LEMAN’S WAKO’S (Car #6)!”


Photos by Y. Onishi