Press Release

Andrea Caldarelli makes spot entries in 2013 SUPER FORMULA!

This year, TOYOTA Driver, Andrea Caldarelli will be making spot entries in the 2013 Japanese Championship SUPER FORMULA Series (the former Formula NIPPON) season as well, in the 1st and the 7th rounds of this series (both rounds happen to be at Suzuka Circuit) driving for TEAM KYGNUS SUNOCO (Car No.8).It is for substituting Loic Duval, the former GRM driver who has to be absent from these two events due to his participation in other races. The young and progressive Italian driver has been chosen to cover for Loic this time, particularly in the two crucial rounds of the series – the opening and the final. Hence, from Andrea Caldarelli who was absent from any formula races last year, let us expect to see how he may go about tackling these challenges, just as well!

“I’m glad that TOYOTA and TEAM KYGNUS SUNOCO choose me. I’m very happy to work with this team, who scored important results in Formula NIPPON in the past, and for sure will be the same in the new SUPER FORMULA contest. Suzuka is a fantastic track where I scored the podium last year in SUPER GT Suzuka 1000 km, and I hope gain a good result also with an open wheel.”

2013 SUPER FORMULA will start its actions with first the official test sessions taking place during March 4-5th (in Suzuka) and also on March 20th-21st (in Fuji), and following them will officially commence its season with the first round taking place at Suzuka Circuit on April 13th and the 14th.

Through GRM Official facebook, all the highlights from actions at each circuit and close-up on our GRM drivers are featured on a timely basis.