Press Release

Andre Couto must be absent from the SUPER GT Rd. 8 (Final Round)

Driver Andre Couto racing with LEXUS TEAM SARD, currently participating in the SUPER GT series, must urgently announce his absence from Round 8 “MOTEGI GT 250km RACE” held on October 23-24. The reason for having to miss the coming event is due to the unfavorable condition of his son Afonso whose leukemia has lately relapsed, and which will keep Andre Couto to stay with his son now receiving serious treatment at a hospital in Portugal. Andre himself was very anxious to make it to Japan this weekend for the race, and hesitating till the very last minutes, finally had to come to this heart-rending decision.
All the fans and members concerned who are always on the side of Andre Couto providing the warmest and embracing support for him, deserve the deepest apologies and also much appreciation for the many concerns and understanding for Andre (and his family) particularly upon his absence of this time, which inevitably has to be announced on such a short notice.
As for the coming weekend, on given the approval for official registration from the Stewards of the Meeting for the upcoming Round 8, driver Carlo Van Dam is scheduled to make entry in the place of Andre Couto.

Message from ANDRE COUTO to everyone concerned:
“I am unfortunately not able to participate in the season’s final round, which was certainly a heartbreaking decision to make. I am sincerely grateful for all the warm support everyone has provided to me and my family over all these months. Owing to such kind support, my boy Afonso was blessed to find a donor this past May, was soon given a bone-marrow transplant surgery that helped him to move on toward good recovery. However recently, another type or onset of leukemia was found which is progressing rapidly – demanding constant care and 24-hours attention by both myself and my wife. In fact, just a few days ago my wife gave a blood component transfusion, which treatment Afonso and I will also be doing together in the days to come. With high hopes, we are trying this therapy but it also involves high risks at the same time.
With your kind understanding for these situations, please allow me to miss taking part in the coming round. In the mean time, while I remain strong with hopes to fight and overcome these circumstances, I also sincerely look forward to seeing everyone again with good news to tell.”