Press Release

What the 2009 season holds for the GRM drivers in Japan: Loic Duval

French Driver, Loic Duval, is to start his 4th season with NAKAJIMA RACING.

This year, in the all-Japan Formula Nippon, Loic will drive the new-model chassis, FN09 (made by SWIFT – USA), installed with a 3.4-liter, V-type 8-cylinder new engine, with one-make, Bridgestone tyres at its wheels. Loic, who finished this championship last season as the Vice-Champion, will fight the 8 rounds of this season on this new machine (No. 31) powered by HONDA HR09E, surely with the aim to win the championship title!

And further, in the SUPER GT Series, Duval will team up with Yuhki Nakayama who is currently competing in the Japanese Formula 3 Championship, and here the team gets ready to steer their EPSON NSX (No. 32) with Dunlop through all 9 rounds of the season which will last till November.

Loic Duval :
“Shakedown of the new machine and having a new teammate, – I am just so excited with everything as going into this season. And this time for sure, I want to give Mr. Nakajima the present of ‘Double-title’. Please give me your support!”

This month, Loic has already begun various machine tests, as well as physical training, making some steady preparations for the approaching season.
Photos by T.Moriyama